Brit Sound of 2007

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Grace Kelly by Mika

He is: A Beirut-born, UK-based singer who sounds like a one-man Scissor Sisters with a dash of Robbie Williams.

The flamboyant 23-year-old makes catchy, cartoonish pop and has an album packed with potential hit singles.

The pundits say: “2007’s first household name-in-waiting.” The Times

He says: “There’s this stigma that if you’re a singer-songwriter you sing self-indulgent dinner party music. I never wanted to make music like that.”

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The Twang

Wide Awake by The Twang

They are: Five Birmingham mates who recall early 1990s baggy indie heroes.

Encapsulating the dreams and despair of real British life, they have the tunes to match their confidence and swagger.

The pundits say: “Britain’s best new band, Brum’s answer to the Happy Mondays mix Streets swagger with Stone Roses indie jangle.” NME

They say: “Next is to make a good record, make the best album of the last five years.” Singer Phil Etheridge

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Golden Skans by Klaxons

They are: A guitar band who have borrowed bits of dance, punk and electro-pop and called it “new rave”.

The British foursome’s canny image, pulsating pop songs and euphoric live shows have created a huge buzz.

The pundits say: “Klaxons come over as a mouthier McFly pretending to be The Prodigy.” The Sunday Times

They say: “Celebration doesn’t come with po-faced music, celebration comes with popular anthems.” Jamie Reynolds

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Sadie Ama

Fallin’ by Sadie Ama

She is: A young British R&B singer and the little sister of 1990s star Shola.

Real name Mersadie Hall, her first single Fallin’ has already made her a star on the underground urban scene.

The pundits say: “A stunning debut from the brightest light to hit the UK R&B scene in far too long.” Music Week

She says: “I started in the underground scene and I love that type of music. But I love loads of different music – I love soul, hip-hop, ragga, everything.”

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Enter Shikari

Sorry You’re Not a Winner by Enter Shikari

They are: Four friends from St Albans who have built up a huge following with their mix of hardcore rock and trance.

They have spent the past three years honing their heavy yet melodic music at riotous gigs up and down the country.

The pundits say: “Hardtrance, trancecore, call it what you like, but it certainly works.” Rock Sound

They say: “There aren’t ambulances and casualties at every one of our shows. Unfortunately.” Guitarist Liam “Rory” Clewlow

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Air Traffic

Charlotte by Air Traffic

They are: The next anthemic British pop-rockers to come hurtling down the middle of the road.

Tinkling pianos lead their tunes, while fuzzy guitars give them some punch.

The pundits say: “Fast and melodic guitar pop which hopes to emulate the catchiness and loveableness of The Kooks.” The Sun

They say: “We’re young and energetic and we reckon we have the ability to write classic pop songs.” Singer Chris Wall

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Cold War Kids

We Used to Vacation by Cold War Kids

They are: The latest US indie darlings, this foursome make stripped, skewed rock with hints of country and blues.

Buzz blogs led the way in the US, where they share a label with Gnarls Barkley.

The pundits say: “This California quartet match shaggy underground rock with an urgent soulfulness and a vintage vibe.” Entertainment Weekly

They say: “People are hungry for something with an element of rawness to it.” Guitarist Jonnie Russell

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Just Jack

Starz in Their Eyes by Just Jack

He is: London producer and rapper Jack Allsopp, who makes downbeat but funky house and hip-hop like a less lairy answer to The Streets.

His made his debut album in 2002 – but his record company went bust.

The pundits say: “A loved-up street laureate in the same bracket as Lily Allen and Mike Skinner.” NME

He says: “I just don’t give myself any boundaries. When I’m doing stuff, I just sit down and anything could happen.”

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Stay the Night by Ghosts

They are: Harmonic London-based soft rockers with a knack for killer hooks.

After trying to break through under different guises for 10 years, they have managed to find a winning formula of power, fragility and melody.

The pundits say: “Sexy, suave and fantastically tuneful.” Music Week

They say: “Sophisticated melodic pop with lashings of harmonies, a soupcon of synth, and a deeply held appreciation of the key change.” Singer Simon Pettigrew

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The Rumble Strips

Alarm Clock by The Rumble Strips

They are: A band who apply heartfelt crooning vocals to a simple pop-rock formula, drawing on new-wave and soul.

They prefer to give their brass section and percussion prominence over their guitars, creating a seductive sound.

The pundits say: “A Dexys-resurrected feast of sax, trumpet and drums that rolls like a hay bale.” NME

They say: “We’re heroically pathetic. We’re trying to say you can be ballsy and insecure.” Singer Charlie Waller



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